Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The end of the world as I know it.
I haven't written for a while, it's been a strange summer. I have been tempted to write a few times but I was too politically charged up. I don't want to become a raving political hack here. I want this place to be about life and values.

Politics, government and business are all a part of our daily life We take for granted that certain institutions will always be there. Our lives are affected by business cycles and actions of government but usually in an indirect sort of way. Things always seem like they are going to affect our neighbors or the community but nothing drastic really ever happens. A company goes out of business but another one replaces it, jobs are lost and regained, sometimes in another city, but in all for most of us in America the world is pretty stable. However when those institutions start to fail and Government is actively taking over where other private enterprises used to move in. And laws are being written and voted on without being read or seriously debated, I am afraid life and values are going to suffer greatly.

I usually try to find the motivation behind actions. It helps me understand the actor and what to expect next. It's easy to understand the motivation of the elected officials. They are self serving in their search for more power. They can be expected to vote for what benefits them personally and to carefully explain to their constituency how it is all going to benefit them in the end. We are going to get more jobs and more sunshine and more lollipops because of the heroic action of our wonderful representative. Senator Carnahan of Missouri was recently laughed out of a town hall meeting for trying to explain to his constituents that this Health Care bill will result in the saving of billions of dollars. The people will only stand still for so much bovine excrement.

Therefore the question is what motivates the people to allow this sort of bad government to continue? Part of the answer lies in the fact that in an orderly society we give the benefit of the doubt until we hear all the facts. I think Government has taken advantage of this fact for a long time now. When someone takes office they get all the nasty stuff through first and then during the second half of their term they work on making nice with everyone. We tend to forget by the time we can take action to vote them out.

I think the other part of the answer is that we just don't believe that an elected official would do anything to harm America. During the campaigns I had liberal friends who couldn't wait for Obama to be elected. All kinds of good stuff was going to happen.
Several of those friends work in health care. They presumed that all the problems they dealt with every day would be finally dealt with once the industry was nationalized. The problem is that candidate Obama said nothing specific about how he was going to change the system. I can only assume these friends just thought he was going to do what they knew needed to be done.
One friend who thinks the war in Iraq was the worst travesty in American history lamented that even though Obama said he would end the war, he wasn't really going to do it.
Then why vote for him? It is turning out that the things Obama is accomplishing are things he mentioned only rarely on the campaign trail. they were things that didn't seem to fit the broad generalizations he made so often. He didn't keep saying them so we sort of just let those things go. Changes to Military Defense systems and "Spreading the wealth" code word for government will take your money and give it to soemone else. And energy, he said only one time that his proposals for a green economy would "necessarily cause electricity rates to skyrocket"

I don't have time here to go into all the details. I strongly advise visiting Glenn Beck's website to get more details. I think Glenn is the most believable of all the radio guys in Pittsburgh. Mostly because he comes to it from a more personal "Daily Experience" focused point of view. PLUS: I think he's the funniest of the top three.

I feel like I have lost my point somewhere. Here it is: We are the last truly free nation of the face of the globe. We have given up a lot of our freedoms already, bit by bit. Now there is a Globalist agenda residing in Washington that is seeking to change our great nation fundamentally and permanently. We have the responsibility of not letting that happen. We have the power to stop it but it requires diligence and ACTION. I am asking all of you, or maybe both of you. Get informed and get involved in the process.

I have now become a political hack. I am sorry, but I think he had to be done.