Saturday, November 14, 2009

Faith Based In Fact

Just got back from an all night moving pizza and activities party. Bowling, swimming, Hockey Game and Ice Skating. None of those in the same place. The event was sponsored by Word Of Life Ministries.
We took the usual youth group, most of the kids are already saved but we usually get one or two who are not. Well there was a new kid and he was one of the "nots" The evening starts with about a thousand kids at a farm team hockey game where we all cheer for the fights and ignore the game. That's followed by prizes being thrown to the kids and then an evangelist. It's a bit odd to have the evangelist on ice at the arena where we were just yelling for the fights to continue. I guess it's kind of like the Roman coliseum. That's scary...
Tonight the evangelist took the aspect of salvation related to your eternal home, heaven or hell. It was a good basic message based on the wages of my sin being death and that being paid for by God through Christ. He gave an alter call and then a few more, a little bit of a hard sell on getting out of your seat. It was not overdone, some kids just need time and encouragement to quit worrying about what everyone else thinks and just go do it. Well "New Kid" ,here to fore know as NK, didn't get up and go do it, and that's perfectly fine.

I was listening to him in the car on the way to the event and I knew he was a thinker and was interested in world events. He seemed like a pretty good kid. On the ride to the next venue the saved kid who brought him asked him about the altar call. He has already let on that he was nervous about the whole thing and felt like he was the only one in the arena who didn't believe in God. Well because of the subject of the speaker's message the conversation was about getting to heaven. NK didn't see much value in getting oneself to heaven, he kept saying, "I just want to help people and that should be good enough." I was driving and my mind was racing through all the things I'd like to engage him on. I didn't want to team up on him though and was praying for time later to speak to him. As it turned out, I didn't have to team up on him, the other kids took care of that. I finally had to step in just before we got to our stop and let the pressure off. NK, you don't have to make a decision tonight. It's ok. You are a thinker and you don't see the logic in this act of placing faith in an unseen God. I can tell you that if you really follow the logic you will be left with only one true conclusion. There is one God who is Loving ,Compassionate and Just and has taken it upon Himself to do something about our sin problem. The fact is that He is the only one who could do something about it. All other beliefs have a god who is either angry at us or disinterested and must be made aware of our plight and appeased if he is to become involved.
This the the result of the human condition of sin, we know we have sinned and fallen short of perfection and yet we have an inner desire to be "perfect" Try explaining that Mr. Darwin. the bible explains it that God has put His law in each of our hearts. No human has ever conceived on his own of a God who is actively and personally engaged in the daily lives of His creation. Who would even think of that? That's why no other religion has that God. Judeo Christianity is unique because it is God breathed, not man condeived.

I later explained to NK why we teamed up on him:
The most exciting and fulfilling thing for a Christian is to see someone else come to the understanding that we have and know the peace we know. That is why we do what we do and what these type of events are all about.

Andy A.K.A Any D. Yo Yo Yo!!!