Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What You Think, Aint Always What Is

I have noticed a trend among our youth that bothers me.

Whenever they encounter something they dislike or like strongly they don't say I like that or I dislike that. It is most often stated as "They stink." or "That is the worst music I have ever heard." It's not so bad when it is stated in the positive but the problem still exists.

Here's what I mean.

The statement is made as though they are the arbiter of what is good or evil. As though what they have said is true in spite of what can be proved objectively. My son has said that a particular band is the "Worst band ever!" and he wasn' t talking about Meat Loaf. I pointed out to him that this particular band is a very popular group and makes a lot of money doing what they do. I don't think he understood my point, which is precisely the problem.

Our culture is losing the ability to discern their enviroment from a point of view outside their own experience. Most adults 35 plus grew up in a culture where we understood that there is a wide world beyond our sphere of influence. Furthermore there is a Supreme and Holy God who is apart from our universe because He created it. Though He is intimately involved in our daily existence. When we have this broader understanding of the universe at large we understand the limitations of our influence over it.
This has two primary effects:
1. We realize more readily our need for God because it is after all HIS universe, we are just using it for a while.
2. We more readily understand the limits of our opinions. The universe is just too big for our opinion to matter that much. It is pretty much just for us and our immediate surroundings.

The new generation is in a paradox. They live in a world which is shrinking because of the ease of communications across the planet. They assume that since they can communicate with the whole globe that the globe somehow cares what they have to say. Therefore they state their opinions in the public forum and believe they are being understood and accepted by millions.
It seems at first that this makes their understanding broader than the old generation because it is global. Notice however that I made the point that the Older Generation has a Universal point of view. The new generation has only a global point of view. Universes are much larger than globes. The Global point of view doesn't necessarily include God. Since, after all, their opinions have global impact, who needs God anyhow? They have fame and thousands of "friends" everyone hangs on my every word, don't they?

Don't think for a second that the irony of my writing my opinions out in this blog has escaped me. I know that I am only writing to 3 to 5 people. I am here for my own peace of mind. Read my earliest blogs to see what my purpose is.

I have pointed out a problem but I don't have a solution. I will continue to try to explain my point of view to my own kids while I still can. I hope they understand. I guess it's just something to keep in mind when dealing with the Younger Generations.